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Nutmeg Intoxication Associated with Consumption as a Stupefacient
1 Department of Emergency Medicine, Giresun University School of Medicine, Giresun, Turkey  
2 Department of Emergency Medicine, Karadeniz Technical University School of Medicine, Trabzon, Turkey  
3 Department of Emergency Medicine, Rize Training and Research Hospital, Rize, Turkey  
4 Department of Emergency Medicine, Kanuni Training and Research Hospital, Trabzon, Turkey  
5 Department of Emergency Medicine, Giresun Professor Doctor İlhan Özdemir State Hospital, Giresun, Turkey  
6 Department of Emergency Medicine, Gümüşhane State Hospital, Gümüşhane, Turkey  
JEMCR 2017; 8: 64-65
DOI: 10.5152/jemcr.2017.1820
Key Words: Nutmeg, mydriasis, poisoning

Introduction: Nutmeg is the dried seed of an evergreen aromatic tree from the plant family Myristicaceae. It is widely used in traditional medicine. Although misuse is rare, it needs to be understood that this plant, widely used as a spice in various parts of the world, can be misused and can result in emergency presentation due to intoxication.


Case Report: We describe a case of intoxication in a 22-year-old male student after he mixed nutmeg with fruit juice and drank it. Neurological symptoms and anticholinergic signs were present during presentation.


Conclusion: Nutmeg intoxication must be one of the possibilities considered at differential diagnosis in patients presenting to the emergency department with findings of anticholinergic intoxication.


Cite this article as: Günaydın M, Tatlı Ö, Altuntaş G, Uslu Z, Özşahin F, Beşlioğlu N. Nutmeg Intoxication Associated with Consumption as a Stupefacient. J Emerg Med Case Rep 2017; 8: 64-5.

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